Increasing The Speed Of Your RC Vehicle

If you are getting started with the hobby of playing with electric remote control vehicles, and you are interested in racing your vehicle against other competitors, you may be wondering if there are any tricks you can use to make your vehicle faster. There are a few different tactics that can shave seconds off your overall race time by doing a few alterations to your remote control vehicle's body and mechanisms. Using a few of these tweaks will greatly improve your vehicle's performance on the race track.

Switch Out Your Gears

To improve your speed, consider changing the gear ratio. The gears are located by the motor. Change the pinion (the small metal gear) for one that is larger with more teeth. Swap the larger plastic gear with a smaller one that has less teeth. This trade-off will give you a vehicle that runs much quicker as it makes its way around the course. It will, however, accelerate a little slower in the beginning of the race than it had before you made the gear switch.

Use The Proper Tires

The tires you have on your RC vehicle will make a huge difference in how your vehicle performs. If you will be racing on a street or asphalt track, bald tires (called slicks) will work best. In grassy areas, opt for tires with spikes. Changing your stock tires for a larger model will increase your speed.

Lighten The Load

A lighter vehicle will have increased speed. There are a few changes you can make to your vehicle to reduce the weight. Aluminum, carbon, or graphite can be placed on your vehicle in exchange for heavier body pieces. Change out the battery for a faster lithium polymer (Li-Po) model, which will give you more speed in addition to less weight.

Change The Aerodynamics

Switch the entire body for a sleek, aerodynamic style. Place the new body shell as low as possible over your vehicle, making sure to keep the amount of space in your wheel well at a minimum. Open up the back portion of your body by adding a small hole so any air underneath the shell will have a chance to escape. You can alter the body yourself using tools provided from a remote control vehicle dealer, found in person or at a site where you can buy servos online.

Increase The Horsepower

Consider purchasing a new motor for your vehicle if it doesn't seem to be getting the speed you had wished. When you take this route, purchase a motor made by the same brand as the remote control vehicle so you do not place something too powerful for the mechanics of the vehicle. Make sure the batteries you use will provide enough juice for this extra horsepower as well.